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  • How to post on Kalo app?
    You could initiate posting by tapping the green plus icon [/icon]. There are 3 options for uploading a photo: From your local photo library From your Instagram account - you need to have it linked first! (Link by tapping on the IG logo on the top of your profile page) Use your camera to capture what you are wearing at the moment! Once you select a photo, crop it to the size you want, and then tap on the item(s) to create product tag(s). Tags could be moved around so that they do not block your outfit. Once you are satisfied, tap on the blue “Post” button on the top right corner and voila, your style is shared with the Kalo community!
  • What if I cannot find a product I want to tag?
    There are 2 potential solutions : Tag a similar product! If you can't find your item in our database, we recommend tagging a similar product. From our data, your audience is mostly attracted by YOU. So your recommendation of a similar item to complete a similar look is just as valuable as tagging the exact item. Plus, you would always earn commission when someone shops through you, whether the tagged product is exact or not. Create your own tag! You can also use the pop-up form to let us know what product you want to tag, and we will work (our butts off) to bring in the brands! The pop-up form will appear when your search criteria return no results or when you scroll past 50 returned product results. You could also request for a brand or product using the request form found in Settings [/icon] on your profile page. Kalo is constantly working to expand our database for our users.
  • What if I cannot find a product/brand I want to purchase?
    Let us know! You could find a request form in Settings [/icon] on your profile page and on our website. Once you fill out the form, we will let you be the first to know when the product/brand is integrated into our database. Also, If you know that one of our collaborating retailers carries a certain product, you could always go onto the retailer’s website through a different product and then search for your desired product on the retailer website. As long as the purchase goes through Kalo App, you could earn points on your purchase.
  • How to refer friends to Kalo?
    There are 3 ways to share Kalo App with your friends! Through home screen: Tap the letter icon [/icon] on the top left corner of your home feed and then tap the “Share” button to see sharing options. Through sharing: Share your post, another user’s post, or a product you like with your friends by tapping on the sharing button ([/icon] for post and [/icon] for products) on the post or product details page Through settings: Go to settings [/icon] from your profile page (found also on top right corner) and then tap on “Share App” to see sharing options. Remember, every time you bring a friend on board, you will earn an extra 500-point reward!
  • How to get cashback?
    There are many ways to earn Kalo reward points, which you could redeem for cash directly deposited into your bank account. You earn points on every purchase you make through Kalo AND on every purchase other users make through your post(s). Plus, there are many in-app activities that could bring you bonus points - consider them welcome gifts from Kalo :) Learn more through this link:
  • How to redeem my Kalo reward points?
    You could redeem your Kalo reward points once you reach 10,000 points (equivalent to $10). You could find your reward progress by tapping on the diamond icon [/icon] on the bottom navigation bar. If you have reached the 10,000-point milestone - congratulations - you could redeem by tapping the “Redeem” button under the progress bar.
  • How to earn comission?
    You earn commission when other users shop through the tags on your post(s). Posting more and sharing more would both increase your chance of earning commission! Remember, the commission you earn is a percentage of the total purchase amount completed through your post - not the price of the tagged items in your post. (That’s the amazing part about posting on Kalo. It will most likely be more than the commission from the tagged product alone) Kalo aims to reward for inspiration!
  • How to set up my Stripe account if I do not have a Social Security Number?
    You could type 000-00-0000 in place of SSN . As long as you have a valid bank account, you would be able to set up a Stripe account to receive the cash redeemed from your Kalo reward points.
  • How to become a Kalo influencer?
    You could become a Kalo influencer if you: Have an Instagram account with more than 2K followers. And to notify us, please: @kaloapp and tag @kaloapp in your Instagram post Have a TikTok account with more than 3K followers Have a Kalo account Once you meet the above requirements, reach out to us immediately by filling out the form at the bottom of our community page: As part of the Kalo Influencer family, you only need to maintain the following: Include your exclusive Kalo profile link in your social media bio Make at least one post every week We are always happy to talk to you. If you have any questions regarding any of these criteria, please do not hesitate to DM us @kaloapp on Instagram or Tiktok.
  • How to become a featured user?
    There are 2 ways to be featured at the top of every users’ home feed in Kalo App: Become a star user!You just need to: Have more than 500 followers in Kalo App Make 10 posts weekly for 3 weeks Actively engage in other activities, such as liking, saving, and commenting on other users’ posts and making purchase through Kalo We feature users who lead positive engagement and are well loved by our community members. Participate in our in-app events! There will be themed, limited-time events that are designed to bring forward active users. We will announce each event through push notification and in-app messaging, so make sure you turn notification on to never miss all the exciting things happening in our community!
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