Easy Collecting

Points turn into Dollars

Bonus Points

Inspire & Share

Tag the products in your photo with the brand name and product category to publish on Kalo.
Your followers can shop through your posts directly, and learn more about your fashion style. Kalo provides a platform for users to be creative and inspire others through your style.

Earn Rewards

You can earn reward points while shopping on Kalo, and when your followers shop directly through your shared posts, you earn points too. Both influencers and shoppers earn the same amount of reward points. The commission varies based individual retailers.

Convert to Cash

In order to redeem your points for cash, you must reach a minimum of 10,000 Kalo reward points.

Rewards points will be automatically added to your Kalo account within 30 days. 

To complete your transaction, ensure that your bank account or debit card is connected to your Kalo account. We use Stripe, a secure payment platform for online transactions.

No extra fees. Ever.

Bonus Points

We have promotions all the time! You can discover Kalo’s special offers by signing up for our newsletter and in the Rewards tab in our Kalo app.
We have special offers for different holidays and occasions.

Rules & Regulations

Reward points can vary based on different items and retailers. There is no expiration date on reward points.
It should be noted that the point to dollar conversion is estimated and is subject to change. Kalo reserves the right to modify reward points.

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Where does Kalo Rewards come from?


Every time you shop through Kalo or someone shops from your posts, you earn reward points. How does this happen? The answer is that Kalo shares with you the commission brands/retailers pay us when you make a purchase on a partnering brand/retailer’s website through the link provided by Kalo, or when another user shops through your post either from the app or your Kalolink profile page. Brands/retailers partner with Kalo because we send shoppers to their websites or help them gain exposure. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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